Cue Dark Night Of The Soul, Stage Right

Hello folks,

Ever wonder why people have that moment in their lives? That unsuspecting instance when your life takes a very dramatic turn, seemingly out of the blue? One minute, you’re going about your day with everything being all “same old, same old” and then then out of the blue…


You feel like you just got blindsided by a metaphysical semi-truck when it hits. Red alert. Shields ups. Iceberg right ahead!

One minute you are minding your own business and the world as you know it makes sense and then the universal grand piano of wake-up calls drops onto your head and there is no escaping it.

This is known through the spiritual collective as a Dark Night of the Soul. Yes, it is an actual thing. Check the Google. Eckhart Tolle wrote a wonderful article about it.

As for me? I call it the Big El Whammo.

Been there. Done that. Made it through in one piece. More or less.

This spiritual shake-‘em up can send us all spiraling down a path of epic break-downs, incredible break-throughs, and some major moments of self-discovery in which we are forced to grow and ascend along our soul-journey path.

Evolving on a soul level is not easy. Especially when you have no idea what is even happening. You can feel utterly lost because nothing makes a single ounce of sense anymore. Or maybe you’re just so overwhelmed by it all that your brain shuts down because reality has become too much for you to handle right now.

Death. Depression. Meaningless of life. Confusion. Distraction. Much need of caffeine.

Any of this ringing any bells?

If so, that could be a reason why you stumbled into my neck of the whimsically haunted woods. In that case, hello there! Not to worry, you are in good company. And no, you are not crazy. Far from it.

The first rule of thumb to remember is that Spirit knows exactly what it’s doing. Even if we must be dumped shrieking into the icy waters of self-discovery to find out that we already know how to swim, and cold water is actually good for you.

A Dark Night of the Soul is not to be feared. It is a crucial step in our development as emotionally charged spiritual beings. A Dark Night changes our perspectives about everything.

(And I mean, everything.)

It changes our lives. It rewires our brains over how we think and process things. It gives us that smack upside the head that makes us shed those old habits, egos, and ideologies that no longer serve our greatest and highest good before we stand up on shaking legs in our new realities to find out just who we are and what our place in this universe is.  

We find purpose. Meaning. Awareness. Our true selves.

The Universe is one heck of a big place, and we are but tiny specks floating around in the ether. Tiny shiny specks made of starlight, magic, and anxiety.

To quote the great Keanu Reeves in every movie ever: “Whoa!”

So, I welcome you to the Savvy Oracle. A place where you can curl up in a big comfy chair, grab a mug of something hot and tasty, and sit back to talk about everything and anything on your mind while I flip a few card decks to find out what’s going on behind the scenes of that Daytime Emmy Award winning series that is Life.

Who knows what we will uncover? Maybe, just maybe, you’ll get to hear the story of how one of my Spirit Guides manifested in my kitchen looking like a shirtless Jason Momoa and saved my life during my own Dark Night journey?

I can promise you this. There is never a dull moment around here.

Yours in cheers and coffee,


The Savvy Oracle

Well, that would be me. Your girl, Sarah. The lady who feels everything, knows things that she has no business knowing, and drinks a lot of coffee because of it.It’s a pleasure to meet you so pull up a chair and enjoy.