“My guides told me to do it. Rather, they yelled very loudly across time and space until I finally got the message. An epic flood or two may have been added for effect. Never say that Spirit does not have a sense of humour.” ~ The Savvy Oracle

Who, or what, is a Savvy Oracle?

Well, that would be me. Your girl, Sarah. The lady who feels everything, knows things that she has no business knowing, and drinks a lot of coffee because of it.It’s a pleasure to meet you so pull up a chair and enjoy.

How do I do what I do?

Good question. As an intuitive high empath with a severe case of “all the feels”, I pick up on the emotions, feelings, pain, and energies of others. I don’t “see” things in the usual sense but I sure do feel them. Imagine a super absorbent sponge that can tap into a person, object, time, or place. I have been doing this since Day One and it took a lifetime to understand what it was and learn how to harness it.

When I give a reading, I tune into the person. Which means, I pick up on everything that is going on under the hood. The tarot cards/oracle decks/rune stones I use in my sessions help me work with Spirit to get to the bottom of things. These tools provide a physical grounding point that allows me to keep everything in order while I find out what a person’s guides and higher self wants them to know.

Some may call it psychic, others may call it magic, but me, I just call it an average Tuesday.

What happens during a reading?

We sit, we talk, we laugh, and then we get to work. When we’re in “the zone”, I am an open channel for information to come through and it is my job to sort through it all and relay messages to the client.

Please note that what goes in one ear, comes straight out the other during a reading. This means that within ten minutes of finishing a reading, I will forget what I said. Therefore, it is highly recommended that clients either record the session or write everything down as it happens because I will not remember it afterward.

During a reading, I tune into Spirit and the Dream Team (guides, ancestors, teachers from the Other Side) to discover what is going on in a client’s life and help them make sense of things.

Things from a person’s past may come up in order to clarify what is currently happening. Glimpses of what is on the horizon will make an appearance, showcasing major life milestones coming up. Issues in this lifetime may have been carried over from a past life, so we get into that to see what is up. And on occasion guides and loved ones from the other side drop in to say hello. It is quite the party.

But why so savvy?

The world is crazy-pants on its better days, so why shouldn’t we have a good laugh in the meantime? Don’t worry, the sassy snark is all friend.

When it comes to the people I work with, I am that psychic friend that has their back and calls things as they are for their greatest and highest good while holding the latte tray. You want answers? Need some clarity in all the confusion? Have a sneaking suspicion that there is something bigger out there that you can feel but just cannot see yet?

Don’t worry, we totally got this so ask away.

Fun fact: I have a nose for ghosts. Tell me, how can anyone not develop a sense of humour when dealing with the deceased?

The world is a strange place, I tell ya. Good thing I myself am strange and unusual. Cheers!