I warmly welcome you to the wild, mystical, and oddly place where a cup of coffee and a personalized intuitive card reading go hand in hand.

My name is Sarah and today I will be your very own Savvy Oracle, a wise-cracking card-reading psychic that always enjoys good conversation while digging into deep-rooted questions to see what is hiding behind the veil of this reality. I provide tarot and oracle services that delve into the heart of personal issues as well as helping you navigate the fascinating journey that is the soul path of your lifetime.

The world as we know it is a strange place filled with mysteries that spill into our lives when we least expect it. I am here to help with all that. All things typical and mundane are left at the door where they belong because there is nothing too strange or too unusual to consult and discuss.

On that note, get cozy and grab your favourite mug as we find out what is going on in that wonderful storyline that is your life. Let us see what we can see, and we’ll have a few laughs along the way. Cheers!